REVIEW :: Arty Debut Album “Glorious”


Before we begin, start by playing Arty’s album.

Ahead of our show with Arty September 28 at Ruby Skye in San Francisco, we have finally received the highly anticipated debut album from producing stud, Arty. His album, Glorious, gives us 14 tracks that offer a diverse collection of progressive house beats, many of which include killer vocals as well. Not to give any spoilers, but we at Adrenalin Room just wanted to give you a hint of what you can expect this holiday season, and tell you about a few of our favorites.

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The album’s title track is a wonderful mix of gray melancholy and sunny optimism. With beautiful vocal contributions from LA based indie pop group Blondfire, Glorious comes from a place of sadness or vulnerability, but only stays there for a quick moment. Just as the sun rises quicker than you realize, the track takes us to a place of warmth and encouragement, somewhere we can be free to frolic and dance. “Shine, you know the world is beautiful.”

3 tracks later, we are hit yet again by a slower and quiet intro, but this time it starts out just as strong and powerful as it finishes. Stronger hits with heavy and soulful vocals from Ray Dalton, backed by both acoustic and electric sounds that combine for a picker-me-up that I can only imagine would be a blast to play out for any DJ.

Arty Ruby Skye

The last song I’ll brag about before I let you listen to this wonderful record for yourself is feel your love. Again, with great vocals and an acoustic track accompanying the songs house vibes, it produces a sound that is unique to Arty within this album, and meshes very well with most, if not all, dance music enthusiasts.

One of our favorite things on this album is that it has the Forest Gump effect: it’s a box of chocolates. Every track has its own sound, its own individualized feel and instrumentation and voice. Each one reflects a little part of the dedication and precision that Arty put into this record, and make no mistake. That time was well worth it.



You can catch Arty with us in the Adrenalin Room on Saturday November 28 with us at Ruby Skye in San Francisco. Click here for event details and tickets.