The Godfather of Progressive House: EDX [Exclusive Interview]


 For those of you who have been listening to house music within, oh I don’t know, the last 20 years or so, you probably recognize Italian talent Maurizio Colella’s surname, EDX. He’s been a staple of the scene for as long as it’s been around, being widely recognized as one of the fathers of progressive house. As his sound and productions have progressed (pun intended), the genre follows, and it’s not the other way around. He is consistently coming out with fresh new music, or fresh new takes on old music; his remixes are just as popular as his singles are, and for a good reason. So, sit back and let the man himself give you a little fresh perspective on his current state of being.

1. Adrenalin Room, Ruby Skye, and San Francisco are excited to have you back; what’s one thing you look forward to when you play a show in The Bay Area that you can’t find anywhere else?

I’m freaking in love with the bay area. I’ve always received so much love and the crowd is very dedicated, especially in SF. I am really looking forward to coming back and it’s been exactly one year since my last Ruby Skye play.

2. You have been lumped in with artists such as Deadmau5 and Eric Prydz as forerunners of progressive house. What’s it like being in the ranks with names such as those?

This was from many years back, during the early days of the Progressive House renaissance in 2008. It was a great journey. My music was able to evolve a lot – even the EDM generation came in a few years ago, and that mixed up a little of all genres for a few months. Now, I really feel that I’m able to make my music like I always have, just with a fresher and much more sexy EDX twist. There are so many great talents around these days, and it’s always great to be playing shows alongside excellent musicians and DJs.

3. With the phrase “No Xcuses,” you have put out an album, a podcast, and numerous witty puns, just to name a few items. How important do you feel it is for an artist to have their own original brand or feature that makes them stand out aside from their music?

No Xcuses is a simple statement that really stands for my way of doing things. Especially these days where there are all these great talents and DJs popping up from every single part of this world. It’s becoming much more important for each of us to have our own brand that sticks out and somehow shares a lifestyle connected to an artist and the music. Today, I’m really proud to be able to share music once a week in our 40 countries on my weekly NoXcuses show, it always keeps me on the cutting-edge with fresh new music.


4. Being active for nearly 2 decades, how do you stay motivated to keep making amazing original and forward-thinking sounds? Any tricks you’ve learned along the way that you’d care to share on staying innovative in a musical world that is constantly changing?

Just be yourself and do what you feel the most. I always was one of those guys that wanted to share a feel-good vibe with music and while DJing, creating a nightlife journey for that someone who is looking forward to it all week. Being able to travel the world is another thing. Meeting all of these great fans and seeing different cultures really inspires me a lot. Let’s keep our fingers crossed so this vibe in me stays there forever. 🙂

5. Your recent track with Spada “Catchfire” incorporates beautiful vocals; how does working with a vocal track differ from a purely instrumental one?

I love to work around a vocal and composition from someone by adding my own twist, a new chord progression to make it complete. I’m kind of returning to my early days as a remixer. When I remixed Kaskade’s “Angel On My Shoulder” or Dubfire’s “Roadkill,” it was always important for me to add not only my own twist but also something that makes the track have some sort of a magic feeling. I love to work on instrumentals as well. This can sometimes be much more diverse, but I love to work with vocals. Check out my remix for Deadmau5’s “Arguru” or Nora En Pure’s “Uruguay.”

As a man of principles, experience, and most of all originality, EDX is in for the long haul. My favorite answer here was his statement about No Xcuses, for a couple reasons. 1) I love podcasts. They give you a chance to get to know an artist via listening to their handpicked songs while also broadening your horizons by bringing you great tracks to rock out to. 2) his view on the industry is very simple: you just keep making new, original music no matter what. Find creativity, find artistic inspiration, and make something beautiful. Because if you don’t, these days someone else will. And trust us: EDX will.

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