We’re excited to bring you Nora En Pure!

Support from SNR, Faraday (SF Debut) and Jakey.

With a torch lit by sun fire, the melodic muse Nora En Pure is leading us out of the darker depths of house music and into the vibrant light. Daniela Niederer is a woman of the world. With roots in South Africa, a home in Switzerland and a destination of everywhere beautiful and lush, she is able to draw inspiration from all these places and arouse a worldly wanderlust feeling in her music.

Having really broken onto the scene with gusto in the last few years, Nora En Pure has quickly gained a loyal following of those seeking year round summer bliss. It is a sound that quenches your thirst for tropical flavors with kickin deep house basslines and a finely tuned palette of instrumentals hand picked and played by this endlessly talented producer. The uplifting nature of her productions is infectious and most definitely can and will give you the travel bug. You’ll be buying a one way ticket to destination paradise once you press play and may even tack a vacation onto your credit card after that.