In a singularity saturated with electronic music of all kinds, the battle to find uniqueness and versatility endures on as many producers now attempt to follow the latest trends, chasing fame and fortune rather than originality and quality. One duo, however, is on their own artistic trajectory utilizing passion, integrity and attention to detail to push the boundaries of what is possible with music. Employing a unique brand of high powered acid leads, massive melodic electro/dubstep fills and masterful bass growls to create a highly immersive musical experience, they adhere to no genre when attempting to create and to grow.

From their humble beginnings in 2012, Harnick Atur and Keith Buhler formed Let It Be Known with every intention of spreading their vision of what good music should be. Achieving considerable success with the milestone of winning the Discovery Project sponsored by Insomniac in 2013 with a remix of James Egbert’s original track ‘Back To New’, they were awarded the chance of a lifetime to play on front of thousands of people at Beyond Wonderland, twice. They later went on to become an important yearly act at FanimeCon in California year after year as they effortlessly play genre-less high energy live sets to massive crowds of highly excited fans.

Fast forward to 2015- Let It Be Known has joined a brilliant new forward-thinking label, Adrenalin Room, owned by the talented SNR; a visionary and also a winner of the Discovery Project himself. This afforded them the honor to play at Ruby Skye, San Francisco’s most well known club where high caliber acts such as Kaskade, Alesso and R3hab have graced the stage. Also launching their new radio show soon after, code-named ‘Let It Be Radio’, they continue to draw listeners into their world that is Let It Be Known.

Today, Let It Be Known traverses the path into uncharted territory as they seek to tell a story with their music in a way no other does. To them, it’s all about the journey.